it makes me laugh when the guards on majora’s mask are like “NO YOU CAN’T PASS, oh wait you have a sword which automatically makes you an adult (y)”


never wanted to rage quit zelda so much before. i normally don’t mind the water temples but great bay temple was fucking difficult.

stupid gyorg »:((

if i beat great bay temple, i’ll watch the second part of skins: pure.

that’s if i survive it

good lord it’s making me so angry


i finally got my keg license


give me back my lantern you stupid monkey :(

i just got given a 1,000-rupee wallet.

so far, i have spent at least 300 rupees on trying to win at that god damned battlesquid mini-game. and now i can do 100 turns in one go.

somebody take me away from this game :(



this is the THIRD time you have talked to me. i’m collecting shit here, so please move on!!!!!

also i freaking HATE dead man volley

especially when you have to do it eight times in a row -_-

anyone wanna recommend some zelda blogs?

i feel like following some now C:

the great fairy’s laugh creeps me out :(

Tumblr Challenge: Day 14) Favourite video game

Too easy.  Way too easy.  Legend of Zelda series.  Although, which one of them is pretty hard.  Maybe Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker?  Maybe even Skyward Sword, a little bit?

Ocarina of Time because it was the first game I ever played and my auntie got me into it, and it’s just one of the only games I can actually play without help.  Okay.  So, I managed to get really far on my 3DS rather than the GameCube but ONLY because in the Shadow Temple, I found it easier on my 3DS (but the Water Temple was so easy - on the GameCube AND the 3DS.  To be fair, I prefer how hard it is on the GameCube).

Wind Waker because I just love how cute the game is (graphic-wise) and how there is SO much to do.  Like, you go off and you can do the Kokori quest, or you can try and collect like all the hearts (but to be fair, you can do that on the other games).  I think the main thing I like was having to collect the Triforce charts, get enough rupees to get Tingle to decipher them (God, he’s a little weirdo) and then going to the places to find them.  It’s just a really good adventure for me.

And the only reason I love Skyward Sword is because of the characters.  I mean, I love the demon-cats (when they aren’t chasing you) and omg, Kikwis <3333333

But yeah.

I just love LOZ as a whole. (And I didn’t buy the 3DS JUST for Ocarina of Time.  I swear >_>)

Plus, the music is just… it’s just so beautiful.

im going to complete the flight platform control

whether it kills me or not