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when impa said faron woods was flooded, i thought it would be a little bit extra water

not like an entirely new lake

while i love the ancient cistern (arguably my favourite temple), it must be the creepiest temple i’ve ever done

first silent realm down

three to go


(altho i’ve never done din’s so that’ll be interesting)

never realised that the order of the gems in lanayru mining facility are the same order as the deku brothers in OoT (231.. “twenty three is number one”)

i feel ashamed that it just hit me

it makes me laugh when the guards on majora’s mask are like “NO YOU CAN’T PASS, oh wait you have a sword which automatically makes you an adult (y)”


never wanted to rage quit zelda so much before. i normally don’t mind the water temples but great bay temple was fucking difficult.

stupid gyorg »:((

if i beat great bay temple, i’ll watch the second part of skins: pure.

that’s if i survive it

good lord it’s making me so angry

i just got given a 1,000-rupee wallet.

so far, i have spent at least 300 rupees on trying to win at that god damned battlesquid mini-game. and now i can do 100 turns in one go.

somebody take me away from this game :(